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From the Safety of Your Smartphone


Virtual Healthcare Services

WL WELL VHS delivers live video Doctor visits with a Board Certified Medical Professional, 24/7 to your smartphone, tablet, or compatible computer.

Mobile devices today and can be used for almost anything, including receiving immediate and necessary healthcare. WL WELL Virtual Healthcare Services is different in that we are on a mission to turn the smartphone into a "Virtual Hospital;" providing not only Urgent Care and Mental Health Counseling, but Wellness Services as well.

Due to decades long healthcare disparities that exists in the United States, WL WELL makes a deliberate effort to invite and emphasize healthcare services to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colour) Communities, so that these communities will feel welcomed using our platform.


How We Can Help

Service Areas

Pediatric Care

Providing Pediatric Urgent Care and Specialists Services for Children ages 0-17 years old. 

Adult Care

Urgent Care, Specialist Care, and Wellness Services, incl. Diet and Nutrition Advice for BIPOC Adults.

Elder Care

Providing Health and Wellness Advice for our "Vintage" Family Members and Friends.

Mental Health Counseling

If you are experiencing a rough go at it and you need to speak with a professional, you are only a download and click away from a licensed mental health counselor from your state. 

Receive great diet and nutrition tips from experts and chefs we partner with to help you make better food choices.

Childhood Asthma and 
Diabetic Services

Coming soon: Childhood Asthma and Diabetic Telehealth Services.

Diet and Nutrition 

Why Do We Mention BIPOC Communities?

COVID19 has exposed the decades long inequalities in American healthcare. This inequality is the direct result of medical and healthcare racism. WL WELL as a company and mobile platform expresses an explicit goal to alleviate this problem by connecting healthcare and wellness professionals with cultural competency to our users. 

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WL WELL VHS is a Virtual Healthcare platform from WL WELL, LLC., developed by Watson Leigh Law & Technology. Our goal is to erase the healthcare disparities that exists in the United States by providing the most advanced delivery methods possible with an emphasis on assisting BIPOC and Rural Communities.

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         WL WELL VHS has also launched our EMERGENCY SERVICES BEACON (ESB) system: the non police service request and response system for Mental Health related emergencies. Located on the WL WELL VHS home screen, this quick connect system enables users and/or loved ones to connect with Mental Health Emergency Service Providers in their area, directly; bypassing disastrous 911 calls which often ends in the deaths of persons diagnosed and undiagnosed with mental illnesses. 

         We are currently seeking municipal and tribal partnerships in developing an ESB Pilot program in select cities and tribal communities. Our goal is to save lives. The ESB will do just that.

         Many of us have lost loved ones these last nearly 2 years. 2020-2021 has been extremely tough. Though there are never words strong enough to ease the pain or even guilt associated with loss, it is important to know when you should speak to someone.

         WL WELL VHS has licensed and certified counselors and therapists available to help you through these tough times. We're all going through this together. There is no shame in feeling the emotions you may be experiencing. Chances are we're feeling them too.

         We're here to help.

The Pandemic, Mental Health, and the Police

Connected Healthcare Services